Sunday, March 20, 2011

How to Use Fashion Tape

What exactly can be done with this stylistic life-saver?
Create false lapels on a cardigan: This is what I’m doing an admittedly crappy job of showing you in the photo up top. If you’ve got a crewneck cardigan and would rather that the top flaps sit open, fold them backwards to create the look of false lapels, and tack the little triangles of sweater to the body of the cardigan using fashion tape. This works best if the bottom half of the cardigan is buttoned.
Tack down a button-down shirt collar: Since I generally shun the iron, I get some pretty wacky-looking shirt collars. And since I prefer to wear necklaces with my button-downs, it helps to spread the collar wide. Determine how much of a v-neckline you want to create, and tape the collar to the shirt body.
Keep the end of a belt in place: Oh, I know that tucking your loose, floppy belt-end under the belt itself is all the rage. And I actually adore this look. But it doesn’t work for every style of belt, and it doesn’t look right with every outfit. Fashion tape can be used to tack the loose end of a belt to the body of the belt. I’ll admit that I’m loathe to do this with super supple or expensive belts even though the tactic has never harmed leather, plastic, or cloth … better safe than sorry. But with less dear waist-cinchers? Go for it.
Secure a wrap top: Since I am small-of-boob, anything with a wrap top – be it false or true – just sags sadly about my girls. The wrapping effect itself, however, looks elegant and chic on my torso. So I employ fashion tape to eliminate the gape. My preference is to tape fabric to fabric, but sometimes it’s easier to tape fabric to breastbone. The sensation isn’t uncomfortable so much as odd, and after a few minutes I generally forget the tape is even there.
Make a neckline more modest: Many plunging necklines have some slack fabric around the opening that can be tightened or gathered to decrease the plunge. Fashion tape is often more effective at closing up the neckline than safety pins, since it holds closed a larger area and holds it closed flat.
Temporarily repair a hemline: I thrift. A lot. And occasionally a skirt or dress will begin to unravel at the hem quite unexpectedly. And while the aforementioned safety pins work in a pinch, fashion tape is often more secure and effective. It’s saved me from frayed hems dozens of times!
Seal a button-down shirt: This style of shirt was originally designed for men, so many versions still fight our female forms. Women with large breasts definitely struggle, but even my b-cup bust creates gaping in some styles. One piece of fashion tape between the pulling buttons can work wonders.